Finally. FINALLY. I think the day has come. Our 10 day forecast is showing temperatures ranging from the 60s to the (wait, can it be?!) mid-80s with lots and lots of rain. These are happy conditions for newly planted fruits and veggies and so, today, one day after the recorded "last frost date" for my area of Pennsylvania, my little guys are getting their permanent home in the wild outdoor soil. 

For weeks I have been nurturing tomatoes, squash, cucumber, melon and sunflower plants indoors. They've been growing and waiting and growing some more, spread out across a sunny windowsill and slowly taking over my living room, patiently awaiting this day. Meanwhile, I have been waiting a little more impatiently

I have to wonder how many people were duped by the flash of warm days we were graced with early on in the season. It proved to be a false sense of planting security, as cold temperatures moved back into the area, bringing with them a few nights with frost warnings. I hope the local garden centers are stocked with plenty of extra plants! 

I am happy to report, though, that my lettuce, kale, beets and carrots that were planted early handled the cold weather well (they are little troopers, aren't they?) and are coming in nicely. 

Happy planting, friends!

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