I am a huge fan of the Amazing Grass Berry Green SuperFood. The neighborhood co-op where I do my grocery shopping sells individual packets and large containers of the Green SuperFood, so after hearing about it from other users and reading reviews online, I finally tried it.

Suggested uses are to mix the powder with water or juice and drink, but it is a little fibrous since it is dried and finely crushed grass products. Instead, I decided to mix it with a bowl of yogurt. Since then, I've begun making fruit smoothies in my food processor and adding a scoop of the berry powder. I much prefer the latter two options to drinking it, and eat the smoothies for breakfast.

Like many other reviews say, it really does provide a sustained level of energy throughout the day. It was most noticeable the first time eating it - I felt an instant perk that stayed with me the rest of the afternoon. Berry Green SuperFood has the most organic greens per gram of any leading Green SuperFood (per Amazing Grass website) and also has enhanced digestive enzymes and pre- and probiotic active culture blend. No doubt, these characteristics will result in changes to the way your digestive system works, but within a week or so my body was fully adjusted.

Why choose Berry Green SuperFood? "Amazing Grass Berry Green SuperFood is a perfect blend of alkalizing greens, antioxidant rich whole food fruits and vegetables, immune boosting support herbs, friendly pre & probiotics all infused with acai and goji berries." It's so easy to mix into something you may already be eating, and additionally, if you are making the effort to positively change your diet with the addition of this one product, there's incentive to do a complete overhaul. For those with chosen dietary restrictions, you'll be happy to know this is a vegan product.

To find local health food stores where you can purchase any of the Amazing Grass products, use their retail locator.
This is not a sponsored post. The review is based on my opinion of a product I purchased.

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