Something I look forward to every month in Philadelphia is the release of the next copy of Grid Magazine. This is a relatively new (and FREE!) magazine dedicated to sharing information about all of the incredible sustainable activities happening in and around the city of Philadelphia. Issues of the magazine have covered topics such as gardening guides, recipes, eco-friendly gifts to make or buy, urban bike trails, local farms, beekeeping, home renovations with salvaged items and much more. When I open each month's copy, I jump to the article(s) that I find most interesting, but I always make my way through every single article. That's really hard to say about a lot of magazines. Even when I would buy subscriptions to various publications, sometimes I'd leave more than half the articles unread. I love that the entire magazine focuses on the city where I live. It's an incredible resource for information, and even has a calendar of upcoming events like workshops and festivals.

Now even though Grid is a Philadelphia-based and focused publication, the information contained in each issue of the magazine can be applied all over the country. The topics covered are relevant to all of our lives, as sustainability should be on everyone's mind. If you aren't in the immediate area, check out the digital copies online. There is even a new blog, The Griddle. This is updated more frequently in order to share new information between publication dates. If you are in the Philadelphia area, look for Grid at a number of locations around the city, including co-ops, bookstores, cafes and more.

And one more fun piece of information - Grid Magazine is celebrating its one year anniversary with a party at Yards Brewing Company on Saturday, April 10 from 5-8 p.m.

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